Employer Reprisal for Work to Rule

In the event that any member of the local feels the actions of the employer could possibly be a Labour Board Complaint, please gather the following details and provide them to your local president who will pass it on to our National Rep.

Please include the following details:

1) Who said what to whom, where and when. When referencing a person I need to know what their position is – for the union or the employer.

2) Specifically what members have been affected and how.

3) Has there been a threat of discipline and if so from whom?

4) Has there been a threat to deduct pay?

5) Have members been ordered to comply with a supervisors directive?

  • Where they disciplined for not complying?
  • Completed work under protest?

6) What communications have gone back and forth with the employer. (provide copies of any documents – emails, meeting notes, etc. asap.)

please also include what the status of local bargaining is – has a no board been issued, if so, please send a copy etc.