Message to Local Presidents, October 30th, 2015

There are a lot of rumours swirling around, and we ask you to remind your members that they should wait to receive direction from the union before taking any action outside the current work-to-rule job action. Some are asking if there is going to be a province-wide full strike on Monday, November 2nd. We emphasize there will be no province-wide strike action taken until we have given 5 days’ notice to the government and the school boards. We have not given this notice – there is no province-wide full strike that has been called.

Our focus is at the bargaining table right now, where we are working hard to get a deal. Please know that we will communicate out to you when we have news to report, and that until you hear news directly from us, it is not confirmed information. Until you hear otherwise from us, please continue on with the current work-to-rule job action and no more.

In solidarity,

Terri Preston and the OSBCC central bargaining committee