OSBCU Bargaining Information … Notice to Bargaining Given

On April 2, the government filed Regulation 59-19, setting April 29 as the date on or after which the parties for school board bargaining could give early notice to bargain. 

At the OSBCU bargaining conference in November and again at the OSBCU convention in January, we talked with members about the best time to file notice to bargain. In April, OSBCU’s bargaining committee again deliberated the same topic with CUPE National staff. After taking all these discussions into consideration, OSBCU filed notice to bargain on May 3. 

By now, all local presidents will have received a copy of the notice to bargain. Notice to bargain centrally also serves as notice to bargain locally, therefore, Directors of Education in school boards with CUPE members will have also received a copy of the notice. 

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