New Webinar – COVID Exposure

COVID Exposure Webinar is available in both English and French.  I encourage all members to watch the webinar which will provides you with the information to handle possible exposures as well as steps that need to be taken to assist in a WSIB claim

The Youtube links are as follows

English –

French –

A special shout out goes to Michele Lalonge-Davey, our H&S Rep; Mike Saliba, our Injured Workers Rep; Christine Couture, our Francophone VP; Alexandre Groulx, our Francophone Mobilization Rep; Dave Geroux, our Area 1 VP and editing genius and David Chezzi National Staff Rep who is our WSIB Specialist for all their hard work in making these webinars available to all members.

Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)

Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) is assistance for those who lost their jobs or were laid off due to COVID-19, post March 15.

The website will provide important information on how to apply and what are the requirements for filling.

It is recommended that you follow the guideline on applying if you were born in the listed months below.

  • January / February / March apply on Monday, April 6.
  • April / May / June apply on Tuesday, April 7.
  • July / August / September apply on Wednesday, April 8.
  • October / November / December apply on Thursday, April 9
  • Open to all apply on Friday, April 10

Click here to direct you to the CERB Website


Schools will remain closed until May

Yesterday the Minister of Education announced that Ontario was extending school and child care closures until the beginning of May as part of its fight against the spread of COVID-19. (FYI, school closures don’t fall under Ontario’s emergency powers; rather, the Minister takes guidance from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health). 

At the same time, the Minister announced the second phase of the province’s Learn at Home program. CUPE education workers had the heads-up on this, as in the past few days custodians have been asked to let staff into schools to retrieve materials and IT staff asked to look at redeploying computer equipment. Click on the link below to read more.

OSBCU Newsletter

Alberta CUPE Workers Face Layoffs

Late yesterday afternoon the Alberta government announced that they would no longer be keeping education workers on the payroll. This effectively laid off thousands of Custodial, Clerical and Educational Staff. OSBCU stands in solidarity with the Education Workers of Alberta. Last night I spoke to CUPE communications staff in Alberta to share what we were doing in Ontario in hopes that it will help them in their fight. Click the link below to read more.

Alberta CUPE Workers Facing Layoffs