Respect It Matters

We are the educational assistants, office administrators, custodians, tradespeople, instructors, library technicians, early childhood educators, IT specialists, speech pathologists and many others – 55,000 in all.

Parents should ask their trustees what is going on and ask what they are doing to ensure students are getting the safe, clean and supportive learning environments they deserve.

We want to negotiate a collective agreement that shows respect for the important work we do. We make schools work. We’re negotiating to settle, but we’re prepared to strike.

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Bargaining Update 18 September 2015

Your Central Bargaining committee met with the Council of Trustee Associations (CTA) and the Crown on September 10, 11, 15, 16 and 17.

During the five days of negotiation some progress was made on minor points but many of our key issues remain unresolved. Job security, staffing levels, benefits (including LTD for those who do not have access or who are involved in a co- pay), pregnancy and parental leave SEB plans and sick leave are among the issues yet to be resolved. In addition, the employer created new impediments by asking us to identify offsets for any wage increases.

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Bargaining Update 11 September 2015

Much has been achieved in the past few weeks. By putting into motion the plan of escalating job action, endorsed by delegates at the August 29th leadership meeting, we are moving forward, putting pressure on the government and getting the respect we deserve.

Our Central Negotiations team returned to the bargaining table with the Crown and the Council of Trustees Association (CTA) on September 10th and 11th . There are many issues we are fighting for, including job security, wage increases, prep time and staffing levels among others. And there are many issues we are fighting against, including cuts to pregnancy and parental leave benefits which have been in place for years.

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Bargaining Update 21 August 2015

Your Central Negotiations team met with the province and the Council of Trustees Association on August 19 and 20. We were only offered three more dates for bargaining before the start of school. While it was a step in the right direction, this is clearly not enough time to complete central bargaining.

As a result, we requested a no-board report from the conciliator. This request should have us in a legal strike position the first week of school. We have a leadership meeting scheduled on August 29 where we will be voting on a provincial job action strategy.

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Our concern is that government cutbacks are compromising the ability of education workers to provide the learning environments students need and deserve. By freezing wages, eliminating job security provisions, weakening sick and paid leaves as well as parental and pregnancy leaves, the government is directly eroding the services that make learning possible.

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Bargaining Update – Central Negotiations

On Monday, July 27th, we filed for conciliation with the Ministry of Labour – you may have seen the news stories about this. Through this process, the Ministry appoints a “conciliator.” Because the management team only offered two days in July, and has committed to only an additional two days in August and two days in September, we felt we needed to move the process along by filing for conciliation. We know that you’re not prepared to go another year without a contract.

(Some of you have asked about the bargaining process and how a strike/lockout deadline gets established. We first must be in conciliation before we can take steps to set a strike deadline. We set a strike deadline by requesting what is called a “no-board report”. The Ministry sets the strike deadline for 17 days after it issues the no- board. We’ve asked locals to prepare for the possibility of job action in September).

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OLRB decision on central vs local bargaining issues

Last week we received our decision from the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) regarding what issues will be bargained centrally.

As you know, we sought a decision from the OLRB under Section 28 of the legislation governing our negotiations – Bill 122.

We held three hearing dates in June and vice chair Maurice Green issued a decision roughly a week following the last hearing date.

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